Why the Handsome Prince

If you've never walked into a clothing store for only boys then The Handsome Prince is designed for your Prince.

One day, while inside a department store I noticed that the boy's section was the smallest section, and had very bad placement and a terrible selection. We weren't intrigued by the pots and pans, but we were very inquisitive as to why the boy's sections were so much smaller everywhere. Where could boys shop exclusively? The Handsome Prince will one day be that place for boys to get their clothing and have a place dedicated for their quality made clothing needs, as well as their shopping experience.

  • #HWPO (Hard Work Pays Off)

    Hard Work Pays Off. We don't understand what it is like to not give our best so we maintain the idea that hard work pays off. It may not be today but with consistency and dedication to giving our all we can achieve so much more.

  • The Original Tee

    Our OG Logo Tee is Bold, comfortable, and unique! This shirt displaying the symbol is a representation of who we are as young men. Handsome, because its what people see in us first, and Princes because the actions have to be just as good as the look.

  • Our Boys Support BCA!

    About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 13%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.
    For more information visit Breastcancer.org.

    Portions of the profits from this shirt will be donated to a local charity of our choosing.